Jen Plum-Forte, LMT, RYT-200
wellness and therapeutic massage therapy
Services and Rates

Massage Therapy Rates

30 min. massage                 $36

60 min. massage                 $72

 75 min massage                  $90

   90 min. massage                 $108


Discount Rate

(for Seniors ages 62+ and Military)

        30 min. massage                  $30

        60 min. massage                  $60

        90 min. massage                  $90



add $5 to massage price if cupping is added to any massage

30 min. cupping session      $25

60 min. cupping session      $50


Private Yoga Classes

60 min. class            $50


Please give the therapist a 24 hr. notice for all cancellations.



Massage- An integrative massage approach is taken based on the clients needs and wants. The therapist utilizes classic swedish, orthopedic, therapeutic and myofascial techniques. Some gentle stretching and joint mobilization may be utilized as well.

Reiki- Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive energy work. Clothing may remain on and the therapist places her hands in various positions on or slightly above the body. Reiki leaves you feeling with a sense of peace and balance.

Cupping- Plastic or Silicone cups are applied to the skin and a vacuum is created to suck the skin and layers of tissue up into the cup. The cup can then be slid across the skin or left in place (up to 10 minutes). As the cup pulls up the layers of tissue it allows fresh blood to flow into the area to assist with healing.



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