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So I have been open now since June 26. So far, so good!  I appreciate everyone working with me and the guidelines I have to follow.

Speaking of guidelines......

What I am doing to increase safety in the office:

~As usual, the massage room will be disinfected after each client and new sheets and blankets will be put down. In addition, all door handles, the bathroom and the waiting room will be disinfected and vacuumed after each client. Update: I recently purchased some H13 True Hepa Air Purifiers and I run them in between each client.

~You will notice the décor is different too. Recommendations are to eliminate soft surfaces and knick knacks. The self-serve teas and candy dishes will be temporarily removed as well. We're going with a very minimalistic décor!

~Before I come into work each day I will take my temperature and if I have a fever, or do not feel well in general, regardless if it is just a cold or allergies, I will reschedule your appointments. I will be wearing an apron and a face mask in the office and they will be changed for each new client.


What I ask of you:

~ Please check your temperature before you come in for your massage. Having a fever has always been contraindicated for massage, whether you have COVID-19 or just a cold, so this is not really anything new or different. If you are not feeling well in general please reschedule. If you have been around anyone who has been ill please reschedule.

~Upon entering the office please use the hand sanitizer or wash your hands before we get started. I will have hand sanitizer in the waiting room and in the massage room for you to use.

~ Face masks are required in the office and massage room. (Insert 'sigh' here) I know it is not ideal to receive a massage while wearing a face mask. It's not really ideal to wear a face mask anywhere but here we are.

~There will also be a COVID-19 liability waiver to be signed when you come back in.


Some additional thoughts/notes:

My job puts me in close contact with many different people for an extended period of time making it easy to transmit disease. Therefore I need to proceed conservatively in my operations and adhere to the strictest guidelines. I do not want to spread any illness among my clients nor bring anything home to my family. So I am hoping that nobody is turned off by my requests on your part. If you disagree with me that is okay. I will not be offended but I will not be able to work with you at this time. Conversely, if you feel like I need to do more please feel free to reach out to me and let me know what I can do to make you feel more comfortable at your appointment.


In terms of payment, if you prefer a non-contact form of payment, I can email you an invoice that you pay online. You can also choose to mail me a check. Or pay in office the way you always have.


This is an “interesting” time in our lives right now and I know everyone has their opinions on the matter. Truth be told nobody really knows what the right thing to do is. Information is constantly changing and as time goes on I am sure my policies and operations will be changing as well. Please bear with me as I attempt to navigate all of this.


And finally, you will notice that the office is a little emptier, as my wonderful office mate, June Harnish, has decided to close her practice. She has been dealing with thumb, hand and arm pain for the past 9 months and even with all this time off she is not improving. So in looking out for her best interests she is closing up shop for now.


Ok, I think I have covered everything I need to. Again, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to working with you all again soon!


Jen Plum-Forte, LMT

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